Classes We Offer

Class structure for optimal dance training. 

Show Ballet Glamorous dance school offers different length classes. 1 to 2 hours, depending on the age, level and the physical strength of the children. Lessons include a warm-up, consisting of exercises to prepare dancers for Ballet routine that incorporates Barre and Centre exercises, as well as Jazz, Character, Rock-n-Roll and street dance styles. Classes often finish with conditioning floor exercises to improve strength, balance and flexibility. Students will also learn progressions across the floor and various steps to be used in their performance routine.

On top of that, we add additional weekly classes for show rehearsals, which can last up to 3 hours long.

Beginners (4-6 years old)

1 Hour classes

This class is dedicated the youngest children of the team. It will start building the foundation skills. These include: Introducing basic movements, working on strength, flexibility and coordination.

Pre-Intermidiate (6-8 years old)

1 Hour Classes

This program introduces students to a variety of different mainstream dance styles, such as: Ballet, Jazz, Street, etc. It offers an introduction for those, who wish to pursue a more serious approach to dancing.

Intermediate (8-12 Years old)

1-2 Hour Classes

This program offers a more intense conditioning, technical training and personal attention. Students gain the training technique they need through concentrated training in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Street and Musical Theatre dance styles.


1.5 - 2 Hour Classes

This program is designed to truly challenge and inspire those students, who are serious and passionate about dancing.

The skills learned in this program have proven to be valuable in the future. As dancing develops self-discipline, self-confidence, self-expression, responsibilities and time management. These are only some of the qualities that our students are guaranteed to acquire.


2 Hour Classes

This program is designed for the eldest and most experienced Glamorous crew members. It mainly involves a lot of classical Ballet routines, freestyle movements, as well as strength and flexibility training.



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